Junior Builders

A fresh & fun way for children aged 3-5 years to play and learn with DUPLO®.


Junior Builders


Bricks 4 Kidz deliver awesome camps for Junior Builders, girls & boys aged 3-5 years. These junior builders camps are a fresh & fun way for them to work in groups and learn through play with DUPLO®.

Benefits of Bricks 4 Kidz Junior Builders:

  • Learn how to observe, collect and make use out of information
  • Working in groups supports relationship building
  • Develop an awareness of how things work
  • Understanding the reliability of scientific rules and understanding some activities require systematic thinking
  • Become active learners by asking How, What, Why, When
  • Increase use and comprehension of technical language as children ask questions and communicate ideas
  • Develop concentration and perseverance as they complete an activity and see the results of their work
  • Learn textual problem solving skills
  • Systematic progression to more complex LEGO® builds
  • Increase STEM learning as children count, sort, match, group, add, subtract, divide, measure, classify, recognise symmetry patterns, volume, area, depth, width and height
  • Children learn about the world they live in by building cars, helicopters, clock towers etc.
  • Learn to share and take turns
  • Pre-numeracy skills are developed as children increasingly recognise patters and symmetry in the wider world
  • Build self-esteem, respect from others and cooperation
  • Develop gross & fine motor skills


Below an example of one of our Junior Builders Alphabet builds:


Way up high in the apple tree,

Two lttle apples were smiling at me.

I shook the tree as hard as I could,

Down came those apples,

And M-M-M, were very good!


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