July Provision Workshops

Our Lego Creativity Centre is available for July Provision Groups during the first week in July.

Our Creativity Centre offers a safe environment

Located upstairs in a quiet area

July Provision Workshops


Benefits of LEGO® Play for Children with Autism

We are only just beginning to understand the value of LEGO® based therapy for children with Autism. Studies have shown that LEGO® provides the platform for easier engagement for the child which in turn allows them to open the circle of communication readily.

LEGO® blocks offer a highly routine, repetitive, structured form of play that many children with autism find appealing. By engaging in activities that work off their strengths, this builds their confidence. Therefore they are more likely to participate in behaviours that are often challenging for children with autism like creativity, imaginative play and socialisation.

One of the challenges often faced by those with Autism or other ASDs is troublesome fine motor skills. The child is so engaged playing with LEGO® their motor skills improve significantly without even specifically trying to teach them to improve their dexterity.

Research conducted at the University of Cambridge concluded children with Autism and Asperger Disorder showed an improvement in social skills as a result of LEGO® Brick play. This leads to better engagement with their peers, which transfers to other settings.

We are witnessing first hand the high engagement levels in children with Autism and ASD at our Bricks 4 Kidz LEGO® camps and classes. They are displaying social and collaborative skills with other children in an environment they are comfortable with.

Our Creativity centre is located upstairs beside the entrance to level 1 of the multi storey car park so no need to walk through the shopping centre. We will be closed to the general public every morning during the first week of July and will be in a position to hold workshops for July Provision groups.

If you need any further information or have any questions at all, email me on jhartnett@bricks4kidz.com or please feel free to call me on 087 2249853 to discuss further.

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